Parents Love

There’s no way to compare, no doubt a mother’s love dominates any other kinds of love.

I’d say the purest form of love is the love of a mother for her child. You cannot compare a lover’s love, a friend’s love or for that matter any other kind of love with a mother’s love. She bears so much pain to give birth to you, nurtures you, fight’s for you, loves you more than she ever loves anyone else, knows you to your core, understands you when no one does, she is the one who actually cares for you and your little steps towards success gives her joy, you find peace while sleeping on her lap and nowhere else you know why, because her love takes away all your stress or pain.

She would make sure you get to eat even if she doesn’t, she would give up all the comfort she needs just to give you comfort and a sound sleep, she would cry alone after making you cry or hurting you or punishing you because you did something wrong. Your tears hurts her like hell but she still does that, so that you learn the right thing.

If unfortunately any thing happens to you or you get hurt either emotionally or physically, she would be the first one to comfort your. If needed she would take your responsibility and would take care of you all by herself till she is alive. No other thing is important to her as you are. She could give her life, without any regrets, to save yours.

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