Falling Love Through Social Media


Love Through Social Networking Site



Social media is a great way for people to connect, but it can make it hard to truly connect when you like someone. Here’s what to avoid when falling in love with someone on social me

Well here I am giving my thoughts on “ Social Media Love” Relationship. I personally not at all against of this kind a Love Relationship but yes at the same time I am  not supporting it too.

Like everything has two aspects some may be positive or some are negative. So here also it comes to. In social networking site, you cannot observed the mentality of other person, I mean it happen in knowing relationship too, but more

chances are there in Social Networking relationship, so you can’t even recognize either the other person is surely would be like that which he/she is telling you on chat.

Sometimes you feel more helpless because the things which were you expecting from other person, comes totally wrong when you meet them personally, so that time you feel like damn!! Why were you in this kind a relationship? That time you cannot blame anyone because you were the only responsible for it.

Most of the time people started relationship on internet for showing their other friends that they have a bunches of girl friends and boyfriends. But they forgot may be other person with whom you are m



aking your relationship just to showing others, it can be a dangerous for their self and to you too.

As you all knows telling lie has a no future, I mean to say if you are lying to anyone den I am sure one day you will catch red handed.

In some cases this kind of Love Relationship walks in a good way of loving path..Couples get connected  through social networking sites and after, they met personally, after meeting they said, thanks to
God that whatever they were expecting about their partner with whom they had connected through Social Networking sites is a right person.

And later they gives their relationship a Name called husband-wife’s, or a beautiful couple, or a something defined by you . As per me positivity happens, but in other hand we can’t denies the negative points too.

So beware and think twice before taking any step related to it.



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