Love Your Parents




Love your parents

If anybody asks to me that what is a value of parents  in your life, I would not even take a single second to reply “My Parents are not something for me, because they are EVERYTHING.


Without Parents I cannot spend my single second of life, Its not only on the behalf of they have given  me birth, but its only when I feel alone, when I feel helpless, when I feel confused, only the faces of my parents comes in front of me, I can expect unconditional support and Love from them.

Their SMILE makes our Day.


I know, I have seen lots of children’s not to love them, they are so much busy to spend their time with their works and other things, like spending time with their friends and busy to earn lots of money, but at the same time they are forgetting that the precious property of their life ( Parents ), they are losing and I m sure if you will lost them u  can’t take them back, your money your anything can’t bring them back in  your life.


Beautiful Steps.


 I have lost my Mom so I know the value of her in my life, sometimes when I need a emotional support of her but I couldn’t get, I felt helpless also I felt very green-eyes to the person who are blessed with their Moms.

Just valued them, loved them no matter what we go through, no matter how much we argue with them because we all knows, at the end they will be always there for us.

Showing Love


I know Friends are equally deserving, but just once look at your parents eyes specially Mom’s eyes, I damn sure you would see a purest love which u have ever seen before.

Our parents has given us so many things, in fact most of the things you will not appreciates until way after they are gone so love them be with them and spend not whole time actually  but little bit time you can spend with your parents

Hold your Parents Hand.

Just hold your parents hand once and tell them Dad/Mom we are nothing without you, We don’t need your blessing, your support, your time, but we need YOU.


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8 thoughts on “Love Your Parents

  1. amazing words you have written, looking like every single word is directly coming form your soul.
    thanku for it and please give your toughts on it always

    1. 👪👏👏👏Very true and heart touching words really I love my parents so much I am missing you dad so much…

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