One Sided Love



Now this is a another complicated situation of anyone who is in a one sided love relationship..Well! it could be happen with anyone,anywhere,anytime.

Some times its been complicated sometimes dangerous, some time loving and some time unpredictable.

This kind of relation has also two aspects, positive and negative.

well According to me, “one sided love” is the purest love of all because you know that the other person doesn’t love you back but still you choose to be in love with that person. It’s what we call “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!”

Generally if  you would ask to any person about love, then mostly answer would be “ LOVE is when you look into someone eyes and see everything you need”. But One sided love you may not see into the other one  eyes deeply.. Giving you an example, sometimes you fall in love with your friend..and sneakily you are watching him/her..but whenever the person who is been sneaked by you get to know that your eyes are on him/her, may be he/she will tell you, what happened, and instantly you will change your watching direction, so in this case  you could not get more time to see your Love, and also may be you would be a shy personality so you won’t tell him/her your feeling.

Sometimes you starts liking someone without their knowledge, but after few days and few month you have decided to disclose it to him/her, and finally you tell him/her all the things, and expecting that the other one will tell you yes but sometime your proposal gets disagree and now you will search a change to pay him/her back ( like acid attacks ).

So sometime its innocent feeling and sometimes  it would take a dangerous way.

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