My Motive to Create this Website.

Hello all, I am Dipa Singh Presenting a Blog , Which is related to Love, The Motive to create this Blog is, to tell all, there are so many kinds of relation which has connected By LOVE.
We loves our Parents, called parents and child love, we loves our friends called friends Love, we loves our husband-wives, boy friends – girl friends called couple love, we loves our brother and sisters called Siblings love also we loves our pets called pet loves etc.


One day I was just thinking about the Relationship, there are so many ups and down in every relations,
We expects different kind of love and support from every Relation like if we are a school going and we need something related to study ( financial help ) den here We shall expect support from our parents, here we can not expect any kind of help from our friends but it does not mean our friends don’t love us, I mean to say each and every relations has their own supporting criteria’s, like somewhere some relations can help you by emotions and some by academically and of course some my financially.
Here I will try to explain you about every relation, their role in our life, which type of help we could organically expects, ups and downs of relations, currents problems, how social media’s affecting our relationships, day by day how we are going far to our old parents and many more.
And after completing of every topic I will expect your comments on my post, I will expects your questions and answers, I will expects your suggestions.

Dipa Singh


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